Editorial/Commercial Styling 

With on-set wardrobe: $150/hour

With stylist provided wardrobe: $200/hour

Personal Consultant

Initial Consultation: $20 (up to 1 hour)

Closet-Check up/Purging: $15/hour

Personal Shopping for Client: $50/hour, plus 10% of purchased total

Personal Shopping with Client: $75/hour, plus 10% of purchased total

Dressing for Occasion/Events: $100/hour, plus 10% of purchased total





$150/hour, plus $15/edited image


Flat Rate- $250 (includes 15 selected/edited photos)

Hourly- $100/hour (includes 5 selected/edited photos)

After set selected photo amount. $15/photo.


Social media marketing

Need help taking over your business' social media?

Instagram: $10/hour ($5 per post)

Snapchat: $20/hour

Twitter: $15/hour

Facebook: $10/hour ($5 per post)