Introducing the Anti-Tech Tech Jacket (ATTJ)

Experience now.
ATTJ is a jacket with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Airplane Mode capabilities, geared toward the millennial generation of students that have a hard time focusing in our Age of Technological Distraction. (1) Motivation, self-discipline, and a long attention span is getting harder and harder for each new generation. The unfortunate need to develop knick-knack products like “Fidget Spinners” to help one focus is showcasing the need to re-evaluate the cause for lack of focus, and the shortening of the human attention span. The Anti-Tech jacket is far better than a Fidget Spinner because not only is it a study tool to help one’s focus, but it is functional/versatile for multiple setting and activities, while being fashion forward.

The Anti-Tech Tech Jacket will be sold online on its own E-Commerce Store, and also sold in specialty stores like Urban Outfitters, Uniqlo, and R.E.I. These popular stores sell brands and products that fit The Anti-Tech Tech jacket consumer lifestyle/demographic and benefits, which will help reach out more to the geared target market. (2) The Anti-Tech Tech jacket is the first of its kind to incorporate Wireless Internet in a fashionable and everyday wearable type of way. Students of this incoming generations will be able to focus, escape the addiction of technology, and Experience Now.

Tech Pack


Target Market


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·      Unisex (Not gender specific)

·      Marketed toward the Millennial (Between ages 13 to 23)

·      Occupation: Full-time student (High School to College), while managing full-time to part-time job/internship

·      The consumer can be single, in a relationship, or even with the Facebook relationship status of “It’s Complicated.” The Anti-Tech Jacket can be versatile with any and all types of student.

·      Lives in any geographic location, particularly any rainy or cooler weather



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·      The student is very active on all social media platforms, but strives to be a studious student

·      Is up-to-date with current technology and the newest advancements

·      Is very busy- works, full-time student, and involved in extra-curricular activities

·      Because of impacted schedule, time management and organization is key

·      Loves to travel and explore

·      Enjoys to stay on trend not only with tech, but style and fashion

Consumer Profile:

 Meet Aaron, they is a 21 year old, full-time student at UC Berkley, studying Environmental Biology with a Minor in Digital Media Arts. Though they is a female she doesn’t identify with a specific gender and uses the pronoun of “they.” Aaron not only is a full-time student, they also is a Graphic Design Intern for a start-up sustainable fashion brand in San Francisco. Their schedule is packed, and needs to keep with a strict-time schedule and utilize every hour of the day wisely. As a Digital Media Arts Minor and a Graphic-Design Intern, Aaron needs her laptop at all times and lives at local coffee shops. Unfortunately, they face the dreaded congested WiFi, which can affect and cause her anxiety to meet deadlines. (15) (16) (20) However, she also loves the environment and being immersed in nature. This is Aaron’s time of tranquility, so she tries to enjoy the tech-free silence when she can, but can be caught up behind her SnapChat and Instagram camera from time to time. (21) (22) With an interest for style, they loves to rock androgynous (gender-neutral) wear like brands of like Oak and Fort and 69 Worldwide. (3) Aaron could benefit in purchasing an Anti-Tech Tech jacket for their school, work, and play lifestyle.

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 What is special and unique about your project?

·      Price is important to the target customer because they are a student. The Anti-Tech Tech jacket is $150.

·      Has ability to turn all connected technology into “airplane mode,” which can be synced to a timer and Google Calendars. Function is important because not matter where the student is, they can study or focus in class without technological distractions. In an interview with a parent of two millennials, who struggles with having his children turn off their social media/technology during their annual Summer camping trip. He believes that having a technology like this Jacket will promote living in the moment. (19) (22)

·      Contains a wireless portable WiFi router, which is perfect for student projects that need a stronger internet connection no matter where they are. Observed at the San Francisco State Library and Java Beach Café, students are struggling constantly to connect to “free WiFi” to meet deadlines. (15) (16) This function is also perfect because for those that travel during road trips or internationally, they will always have access to a non-congested, fast WiFi network.

o   Can connect to over five devices

·      Contains GPS and Bluetooth components

·      Has a mobile iPhone and Android portable external battering charging system (solar powered)

o   Has 2 USB port hubs

·      Sustainable material/tech

o   Made with Gore-Tex and laminated with DuPont Teflon (can be recycled)

o   Has solar power charging option

·      Jacket is stylish, and has a modern bomber silhouette.

·      Not gender specific, so gender could have the opportunity in wearing it.

·      Not only is jacket stylish, but it’s design is functional.

o   Reversible

o   has a removable hood

o   Water resistant/Breathable

o   Has eight pockets (4 pockets on each reversible side); each pocket sized for specific mobile devices

o   Has an attachment for your headphones

o   Lightweight


Why will it be successful now?

The Anti-Tech Tech jacket will be successful because it successfully meets stylized fashion and technology. Technology community is in this transition of development with fashion, which has been struggling to collaborate harmoniously for the consumer. (4)

The jacket with do very well toward the demographic of the millennial gender. Millennials are born into an “Era of Distraction;” constantly consumed by their social media and technological devices. It has become even harder for the contemporary mind to stay focused. David Tran, a millennial full-time working student, agrees that all his peers are so overwhelm with technology and social media obsessed. According to him “Being able to experience in the moment, without a phone in your face or looking through your SnapChat [camera screen], is such a scarcity these days. (21) The Anti-Tech Tech Jacket will help control technology in an educational and/or work setting. It will help boost productivity, focus, and living in the moment. (1) During commute hours to school from 8:40-9:00am, eighty percent of commuters on the Muni 29 Line were on their phones, and seventy percent of those commuters were students or young adults (Figure 1). A couple commuters missed their stops or were unaware of the people around them. (15) Having the Anti-Tech jacket will promote attention awareness, and will encourage social community behavior. And because the millennial students will find this jacket functional and stylist, the jacket will profit and trend in the market well and quickly. According to an Accenture study, the most influential consumers are the millennial generation with a leading number of 80 million in the United States, “spending around $600 billion each year.” (4) (5)

The Anti-Tech Tech jacket will utilize  the “Nostalgic Marketing” trend, which has rooted in millennial interests. For example, popular shows like Friends, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy are all shows born not of the Millennial generation but of high interest. Products like Instax Polaroid and vinyl records have successfully enticed the modern consumer with the emotion of nostalgia. According to The European Journal of Marketing, from segmentation to fragmentation: Markets and marketing strategy in the Postmodern Era, Firat and Shultz discuss the “part of contemporary urban populations for experiencing what, in the imagination, once was or could have been.” They are transfixed on this idea of feeling what was felt in the past but brought back into the future. The idea of going into nature and living in the moment without technological distraction (like done in the past), will respond well toward the target market. (6) (7)

The product also does not discriminate, promotes equality, and is sustainable. As the product is black versatile color and has an androgynous design, it gives the opportunity to all and any persons to wear this product. Target millennial generation is huge on social justice and progressive thinking of equality. Marketing toward this idea of non-discrimination and gender-equality will boost sales and promote equality, especially in the LGBTQ community. (8) The product is also very sustainable with its recyclable material and option of solar energy use. In this new age of millennial consumers, they are seeking more sustainable and innovative solutions with the continuous deteriorating environment, imminent energy and global financial crisis. (9) Using Cause Marketing, with definitely be another aspect of marketability that will lead to profitability. (10)


 My product has a similar target market toward brands like Alpha Industries and North Face. Both are products would be competitors in outerwear and popular with the millennial generation crowd. Like Alpha Industries, I want to partner up with specialty stores like Urban Outfitters (UO) to sell my product. Alpha Industries is a leading bomber style jacket at UO with a price point of around one-hundred and sixty dollars. Though this product is stylish, light weight, and a leading bomber jacket at UO, the Anti-Tech Tech jacket has all these characteristics and Wireless Internet/technology capabilities at a similar price. (11) And as for The North Face, it is one of the leading outerwear nature brands used for consumers that travel with key marketing promotion on the sustainable front. (Figure 2 and 3) Similar to the Anti-Tech Tech Jacket, their North Face Mountain Collection Jackets also use sustainable and technological advanced materials like Gore-Tex. It also retails at two-hundred and sixty-six dollars.  (12) But my competitive advantages are that not only can the Anti-Tech Tech Jacket be worn to travel around, but it is more stylish forever day fashion (not just nature and functionality), has GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi technology, and at a cheaper price range.

Another competitor would be the HooToo TripMate Portable Travel Router. According to Amazon and technology review site, Lifewire, HooToo is the “Best Overall” portable WiFi router. It enables two smartphones, contains a USB hub, has a battery life of two days, and connects to both iOS and Android. The price is also at a low coast of only thirty-five dollars. (13) Though the router is cheaper, my product will be one less device and bulky jacket to pack during your travels. It promotes light weight traveling, and traveling in style. Student and travel enthusiast Kaitlynn Rodgers says “…having a light weight, layer-able jacket, that also can have unlimited access to WiFi on my iPhone past international waters would save so much time, money, and luggage space.” (18)

Lastly is the two products of tech outerwear of SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group Graphics) and BB Suit by designer Borre Akkersdijk. SIGGRAPH designed a wearable technological jacket that contains a WiFi chip in one of the sleeves and helps with coping with personal stress at a price over three hundred dollars. The cons of this product are that it is not known for comfortability, everyday casual wear, and is at a high price. (14) The Anti-Tech Tech Jacket has a modern versatile design in all types of weather at a low cost, with additional technological traits. The BB.Suit by Borre Akkersdijk couture design that contains WiFi, GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth components and turns wearers into walking access points to the web. However, because it is a couture private brand, the price range for this jacket is over a thousand dollars. (15) The Anti-Tech Tech Jacket is water resistant, light weight, and much more affordable for the student consumers.


 “Experience now.”
-The Anti-Tech Tech Jacket



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