Team Members: Alex DaSilva, Haley Gordon, and Victoria Lo

Market Report and Design Sheets

My team was great, and we all spread the work evenly. Alex DaSilva is the CEO, original creator of brand and product. As a team we all cohesively decided to utilize and expand her product. She created the line, cost and material sheets. Haley Gordon was responsible for re-creating the mood board, demo-and-psycho-graphics, competition, and merchandising plan. I personally was responsible for designing the website, sustainability statement, and all visual graphics.

Copyright not intended-Images used just for visual display. Sourced from Google Images, Everlane, JCPenney.

Responsible for visual and digital media design

Website mock-ups and visual graphics

pockfit homepage.png

Website Design

Using InDesign CC, I designed a mock website. Parallel to the collection, I wanted the website minimal, yet visually stimulated and easy to navigate through. Their has been studies shown that consumers tend to respond better to non-commercialized designs. With this in mind, I wanted to design each page motivated by graphics and color theory rather than overwhelming product and dollar signs.

pockfit cycle transp.png

Product Cycle

I wanted to great a fun way for the consumer to understand/remember how the product worked. 

This is not only a simple digital graphic design (Illustrator CC and InDesign CC), but also an additional hang tag ( illustrated below).

Hang Tags  Designed on Illustrator and InDesign CC

Hang Tags

Designed on Illustrator and InDesign CC